About us



The Department of Sports Medicine is to prepare and reserve the professional human resources equipped with competent knowledge and skills for the domestic and global demands, especially in the areas of sports medicine and health promotion-related market.

Unique Feature of the Department

“In views and ways of medicine, the Department is to promote the health and physical performance of the general people and professional athlets.”

The Department of Sports Medicine is not a department of physical education or an educational institute for athletes training. Using all sport-related knowledge of medicine, we are a Department to enhance the performance of the professional athletes and the general people who love sports and exercise, and to prevent sport injuries as well as be in charge of on-site management of such injuries. Moreover, customized exercise instructions and prescriptions for individuals and groups are our powerful tools to promote physical fitness and health for people of different ages.

Educational goals

The Department is to educate the students and help them to develop “capability for life time self-learning” and “multi-discipline knowledge and proficiency”, and to train them to be the qualified and competent professionals in the sports and health-related areas.

Prospective development

With all the knowledge and skills in sports medicine, our students are capable of serving in a wide variety of occupations in the job market, including the academic and researches.

Students are expected to serve as physical fitness instructors (and other health promotion-related careers), athletic trainer (athletes training and sport injuries prevention and management), or research scientists or professors in fields of sports medicine and biomedical sciences in the universities or some research institutes.