Exercise Physiology Laboratory 12 Leads EKG (QRS Diagnostics)
Blood Analyzer (i-STAT)
Automated Biochemical Analyzer (SMART LAB 120 Tests/HR)
Fully Automated Biochemical Analyzer (SP-4430)
Immunoenzymatic Analyzer (Thermo/Finland)
Physical Fitness Laboratory Weight training machine (mu;ti-functional)
Electronic Resistant Loads Stationary Bike (Corival)
Chiang Kai-Shek Park Gym  Rowing boat machine (professional model)
Weight training machine
Exercise Biomechanics Laboratory ErgoLogger (12channels bio-signal data acquisition system)
Biaxial electronic goniometers (x3)
ADAMS multibody dynamics and motion analysis software
Motion Analysis System (Vicon 612, 6 IR cameras)
AMTI Multi-axis Force Plates
Motion Lab System , MA-300-10 (muscle forces and signals measurements)
RsScan Footscan
Isokinetic Exercise Laboratory Isokinetic machine (Biodex)
Exercise Sciences Laboratory and Injury Prevention Laboratory MetaMax 3B (Gas Analyzer)
Electronic Resistant Loads Treadmill (Valiant)
Gas Analyzing Software
Clamp on current transformers (DVC 1000)
Physiological Monitor System
Molecular Biology and Physiology Laboratory Thermo-Bath (Bio-Rad 170-8720)
Integrated Scanning UV/VIS Spectrophotometers (Beckman DU-640)
Real-Time PCR Machine
High Performance thin layer chromagraphy PM 92e
UV/VIS Spectrophotometers (Model 200)