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2014-10-27 Free aerobic courses offered. Starting from Sep. 22, 2014, every Mon. and Wed at noon. Welcome. Announcements
2014-08-27 Congratulations! Students張凱傑、許慶驊、賴穎良 passed the AT (Athletes Trainer) license tests in 2014. Announcements
2014-05-07 Public presentation for the performance and achievement of our pratical training programs: May 14, 2014, 12:10 noon. Announcements
2014-03-13 <十二齊心,王者運醫>Alumni’s Home Coming. Come and learn the successful experiences from our outstanding alumni. Announcements
2013-11-13 Congratilations! Dr. Chang, WD was awarded for the Best Student Advisor of 2013 of the whole University. Awards
2013-11-13 Congratulations! Dr. Wang, HJ was awarded for the excellence and innovation in teaching for 2013 of the College of the Heath Care. Awards
2013-11-03 An award for excelent poster presentation was hornored to our student黃彥嘉 in the 2013 University Elite Study Group Mini-Symposium. Awards
2013-11-03 An 2n-place award for oral presentation was hornored to our student黃偉軒 in the 2013 University Elite Study Group Mini-Symposium. Awards
2013-06-04 Students of the Department had received several awards in 2013 2nd semester TA (teaching assistants) competetion. Awards
2013-04-01 The Department colaborated with the Health Service Division of the University will offer aerobic exercises course for body weight control. Events
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